About Company




    ShenZhen Fujikam Industry Development Co., Ltd, is a leading professional high-tech company providing IP video product and solutions in China. As China’s Internet video solutions leader, Fujikam is committed to providing the public with the safest, highest quality network camera series, providing high-quality, cost-effective comprehensive equipment solutions. 


    Founded in 1996, headquartered in Shenzhen, China. Operations throughout the world. Fujikam has established a system of business channels in Germany, the United States, Britain, Italy, Singapore, India, France and Canada, with more than 30 partner countries and regions started cooperation. Up to now, products have been used in over 60 countries, totaling over one million. 

    We have a domestic R&D team of video, voice and communication products with many years experience in the core of talent, show a high degree of technology integration and development capabilities. Currently available several patents including design patent, by CE, FCC, ROHS and other international certification.


    On the basis of firmly established in the leading domestic civil IPCAM, Fujikam ’s overall goal is to further develop the company as a global leader in network video solutions provider status. This is an expected rapid growth of the field, Fujikam will have good growth opportunities.